Company Profile

Ningbo Weiyi Plush Co.,Ltd. is a professional high-end faux fur manufacturer that has first class production equipment, advanced production technology, strict quality management, as well as outstanding management and R&D teams.
Equipped with advanced faux fur production equipment, we can produce whole series of weft knitting faux fur fabrics. The maximum daily production capacity (both high pile and BOA ) reaches over 40,000m. We can meet customers' special requirements with fast delivery time for both sample and bulk orders. We set up a strict and effective quality management system, established the testing center to guarantee the product quality, and firmly planted the concept of quality in our employees' mind through quality training. The quality of our products are in the leading position of faux fur industry.
Ningbo Weiyi Plush Co.,Ltd. keeps researching, developing and launching new products for each season and upholds“innovation and excellence”as its core strategy. We were qualified by Premiere Vision Paris of France in 2014, and awarded the title of“Faux Fur Fabrics China Pioneer Plant” in September 2015. We won the 2015 CNTAC Award for Contributions in Product Development and “China Faux Fur Trend R&D Center” jointly founded by Weiyi Company, China Wool Textile Association and Menswear Design Trading Center of China in December in the same year. With the establishment of the R&D Center, the company will extend its R&D of new products upward and downward along the industrial chain, intensify the publicity and promotion of its faux fur products, as well as MACINFUR brand's idea“Enjoy Fur with Mercy”, to make more consumers understand, accept and love faux furs. We expect to speed up technological innovation through cooperation, use new technologies and processes to supply the society with environmental new faux fur products of high value added and low resource consumption.

Brand Introduction

MACINFUR is a brand of NingBo Weiyi Plush CO.,LTD.dedicated to high-end artificial furs. Every MACINFUR artificial fur fabric is a fine work by us. Only high-imitation and high-quality artifical fur fabric can be titled MACINFUR. MACINFUR artificial furs have the luxury of real furs. But the luxury is not realized at the cost of sacnficing animals. We are just imitators of real furs’natural beauty. MACINFUR artificial furs are lightweight,comfortable,easy to clean and maintain,highly practical and conparatively inexpensive. They can fully satisfy customers’pursuit of luxury. MACINFUR artificial furs are fashionable,highly imitation and environmental.They also meet high-end fashion pursuers’needs.This is the charm of MACINFUR artificial furs. MACINFUR artificial furs are more fashionable than natural furs,as luxury as natural furs,and incredibly high imitation.This is MACINFUR artificial fur fabric.

China Faux Fur R&D Center

China Faux Fur R&D center is the only Faux Fur research institure in China.It’s found by CWTA.MDTCOC and Weiyi plush.which brings togerher the well-known designers at home and abroad.textile dyeing and finishing experts form colleges and the industry veterrans.The center commites to let more people learn.accept and love the Faux Fur by trend training.release and promotion,as weill as the development and research of the new styles and raw materials.

Corporate Culture

At the beginning of eclosion, everything develops at will. In spite of the changes outside the company, Weiyi is fermenting a reform internally一an overall upgrade toward"standardization". This reform seems to start imperceptibly.But it's more powerful, lasting and significant. The foresight indicates Weiyi is ambitiously waiting for the moment to transform from a cocoon into a butterfly.

From products to services, no standard is the best, because we only strive for better. We believe, no matter how the world changes, we can perform miracles as long as we stick to our stand and keep improving. Only in this way, can an enterprise fulfill its promises  to it’s customers better.


Corporate Vision

Focus on the green fashion industry that integrates love into creation, 

Make“Weiyi”the World’s No. 1 artificial fur brand.


Management Philosophy

People orentation perfection and efficiency,

Innovation for lasting, mutual trust for Win-win.

Technology R&D
Weiyi Technology

Weiyi always believes the process of producing artificial furs should be improved constantly to maintain its advancement. We did it! Our technicians are passionate about innovation. No matter development technology or production technology, everything shows Weiyi employees’ persistent spirit of innovation. We keep optimizing our raw material formulas, production process equipment configuration, research and develop innovative textile  technologies and raw materials, to make Weiyi craftsmanship an impeccable model of artificial fur production.

Color Management

In Weiyi employees’ eyes, artificial furs are not simple industrial products, but artistic works created by Weiyi employees. We know the importance of coloring to our products. In the use of colors, we have strict requirements. Color management first starts from color aberration control in production Our goal is to realize "what you see is what you get in coloring for customers and control color aberration to the minimum. Next we carry out annual color programs, to gradually improve our color application level and enhance the market recognition of Weiyi artificial furs'coloring.

Production Management

Weiyi Company is an enterprise that can produce complete artificial fur product series. Its artificial products include 9 product series,such as artificial fox fur and artificial raccoon dog fur. Its non-artficial-fur products include 5 product series, such as ball plush. It has a wide range of product specifications. The pile height range is between 2mm and 100mm. The weight range is between 300g/m and 4, 000g/m. The successful development of lightweight fabric has prolonged the season and range of application for artificial fur products and effectively strengthened our company's competitiveness.

Quality Management

The company has set up a strict quality system, which is carried out in production by all departments in strict accordance with the standards. The company has an artificial fur product testing center to test product specifications,guarantee product quality technically, and win customers praises in the most effective way. In addition, we also have a quality month system and carry out quality training regularly to deepen employees quality awareness. At present, our product quality is among the best in Chinese artificial fur industry. The quality of Weiyi products has been recognized by the market. In Weiyi, you can see our employees concentrated faces at any time in the workshops, which implies that product quality is the driving force for Weiyi employees.

Social Responsibility

Economic Responsibility

We hold the opinion that in long-term development, while pursuing its own profits, the company has the responsibility to consider the development of stakeholders and the interests of the whole from customers to employees. Customers are our friends. Employees are our family. The pursuit of excellence and win-win cooperation are what Weiyi employees strive for. Weiyi employees firmly believe that the company can obtain positive energy only if they stick to "win-win development.

Public Responsibility

Weiyi is a company that attaches importance to social morality. In the merciless business world, people usually kill animals cruelly for their own profits.we expect to make the quality of artificial furs extremely close to that of real furs, to call on more people to choose green, environmental and fashionable artificial furs,refuse animal furs am slaughter, so as to do what we can for social morality.